Chief Medical Officer for the Fire Department of New York Interviewed by Steven Markowitz

David J. Prezant, MD interviewed by Steven Markowitz, MD, DrPH. Dr. Prezant is Chief Medical Officer at the Office of Medical Affairs for the Fire Department of New York. Steven Markowitz is an occupational medicine physician, epidemiologist, Professor, and Director of the Barry Commoner Center for Health and Environment at Queens College, City University of New York. The interview is part of a special issue of the American Journal of Industrial Hygiene.

Featured Project

The Barry Commoner Center directs the Worker Health Protection Program (WHPP) in conjunction with the United Steelworkers and the Atomic Trades and Labor Council. WHPP, which includes the Early Lung Cancer Detection program (ELCD), provides medical screening for Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear defense facility workers who may have been exposed to radiation and toxic substances such as beryllium, asbestos and industrial solvents. To date, WHPP has screened over 30,000 DOE workers.

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Current Events

Alfredo Morabia MD, PhD will participate in the Reducing Health Inequalities symposium at Boston University’s School of Public Health on February 1st, 2017. His lecture is titled “Defining Health Inequalities.” The event will be livestreamed and archived here.

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